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Lotterymining thread


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Welcome to lotteryminings thread:

If your having any problems please post them here

here below i will announce winners of the lottery:
31. March 2014 - DDimov1 Amount won 33.872765 DRK - txid: 67611a0bf5b1d79c6f44178c406d858ad65d443be09c1f279dac0af899426f92
1. april 2014 - coincrazeminer Amount won 32.625 DRK - txid: bd91ddfd267ec4e916f12f637880d9c0eac5e31dfab9783973fad235e625a7c7
2. april 2014 - taraba Amount won 31.89254 DRK txid: 8424cf5b1f4191587f27bda2e58f98c5906f3cbdcf917a1743dc597adc978a72
3. april 2014 - goin2mars Amount won 32.19458 DRK - txid: ee1e6705d819a9ac05c498105d129001361b8b4ce24dcf4db9e64f187fcf1dd7
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This was the last lottery...

Lotteryminning is closing down the pool - we are getting too small, and people seem to only want to mine at the big pools...

The pool will be turned of 22nd of april - Please withdraw your funds.. any funds left on that date will be considered pools property.. and used for happenings at a later date

BUT :)

we will return with something completly different, and its going to be awesome...
Sorry to hear that. :eek:
I liked your pool very much because of it's uniqueness.

I don't know why people only want to mine at big pools. Payout isn't bigger at other pools and 51% attack will always be a problem with such big pools.
Evan's got a surprise, now Chaos has a surprise in the future.... The air is heavy with anticipation...

Sorry to see your pool go - And I can't wait to see what you come up with next.