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Lost Dash Need Help


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Hey everyone :),

Anyway I hope this is the right place to start this thread. But to get to the point.
I opened my dash-qt this morning and all the dash was gone. I think i clicked the wallet repair button yesterday but i'm not sure as i had a few drinks. so i go to the debug log and search wallet.dat this is what i get

2016-12-01 11:53:48 copied wallet.dat to /Users/pamie/Desktop/1stdashbackup.dat
2016-12-01 19:51:16 Creating backup of "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/wallet.dat" -> "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/wallet.dat.2016-12-01-19-51"
2016-12-01 19:51:16 Old backup deleted: "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/wallet.dat.2016-11-26-16-50"
2016-12-01 19:51:16 Using wallet wallet.dat
2016-12-01 19:56:54 Creating backup of "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/wallet.dat" -> "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/wallet.dat.2016-12-01-19-56"
2016-12-01 19:56:54 Old backup deleted: "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/wallet.dat.2016-11-26-23-24"
2016-12-01 19:56:54 Using wallet wallet.dat
2016-12-01 19:56:55 Renamed wallet.dat to wallet.1480622214.bak
2016-12-02 14:44:37 Creating backup of "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/wallet.dat" -> "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/wallet.dat.2016-12-02-14-44"
2016-12-02 14:44:37 Old backup deleted: "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/wallet.dat.2016-11-27-16-06"
2016-12-02 14:44:37 Using wallet wallet.dat
2016-12-02 15:23:56 Creating backup of "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/wallet.dat" -> "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/wallet.dat.2016-12-02-15-23"
2016-12-02 15:23:56 Old backup deleted: "/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/wallet.dat.2016-11-28-03-44"
2016-12-02 15:23:56 Using wallet wallet.dat

Question is can i retrieve my dash? and how if i can?
I'm still a noob when it comes to the wallet. Can anyone help please?
Thank you
1. Make sure dash-qt wallet is NOT running.

2. Copy these to safe place:
/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/wallet.dat
/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/all files

3. After backup, start trying your backup wallets from /backups folder,
copy one file at time and rename it to wallet.dat and then move it to
/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/ folder (dash-qt.exe is here).

4. Start dash-qt.exe and let it sync and check your balance, if not right, stop dash-qt.exe and goto step 3.

5. When found right balance wallet, triple backup it 3 different locations.

6. If you do any mixing, do backup.

Good luck!


Edit: added stop dash-qt.exe to step 4.
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4. Start dash-qt.exe and let it sync and check your balance, if not right, stop dash-qt.exe and goto step 3.
Don't forget to look in the trash can / recycle bin..... for wallet files of course :p
Cool Cool Folks,

What i did do. Se'n that I'm working on a macdaddy, I find myself mov'n a bit here and there. whatever.
Opened the dash-qt. (why) cause i'm a slo learner. But anyway went to the information tab, in the lower left bottom corner where the debug log file button is.
"CLICK" bam the console opens (very nice for a noob) then in the upper right of the popup box? there is a button that says (reveal) click.. bam all the folders and files i need. copied and pasted in new files, zip'd etc.. all you can think of for any type of back up loaded on a thumb drive let a lone have'n then on the desktop under different names.( files that is ) did a backup then a repair. Closed the program waited till the next'd day open the DQT bam every thing was there.
So i'm thinking .. I need to get me dash some where else.. try'd to send 60 didn't happen. a pop up said it's to much.. o I tried 30 that went thru. So for the past few days i've bee transferring what ever i was allowed to sometime 20dash sometimes 5 dash, Your get the point( maybe). Hopefully tomorrow will be my last transfer. I think i'm going to ditch the whole lot on this computer and set it back to it's factory settings and start over. resetting miners and all is no big deal..
The truth behind the story.
I let some mackeepers (notageek) work on my computer thats not really mine but my wifes .. All shit went wack.. Never will do that again..
So long story short
"/Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/wallet.dat - /Users/pamie/Library/Application Support/Dash/backups/all files"
Works just fine. I did record it with a desk top recorder but thats a 2 hour vid.. maybe i'll edit it and edit this post..
Alls well a big thats to AjM, Hit me in a pm send me a dash# i think there is a tip for ya some where in there..
yawl have fun
stay safe