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Live webinars


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My name is Jeremy West, creator of spendbitcions.com, the first major way to spend bitcoins on amazon and other major retailers, the first major bitcoin exchange in Australia, and the first major listing of places that accept bitcoin. Unfortunately the people who bought it from me a few years ago, while leaving it running, have done nothing with it so it is very old and outdated.

At any rate, I own dashisthenewbitcoin.com and am soon to launch webinars teaching newbies why dash is better than bitcoin and how to get started with dash, etc. I have been running similar live seminars for friends regarding cryptocurrency in general here in my local area.

The proposal I was thinking of is to have the dash blockchain pay me per verified participant so that I can make the webinars free rather than charging people for my time. As well, I would like to reward people for sitting through the webinar (and possibly answering a few easy questions to prove they were actually sitting at their device and paying attention) with some fraction of dash (again paid for by the network).

I have just put $8000 of my own money into promoting the site on a 24 hour marathon of one of the longest running, most popular podcasts with a very loyal fanbase that supports their sponsors (see katg.com/kick for details).

Two questions:

1) What do you think of the idea?
2) For those who have successfully had their own projects funded in the past, particularly multiple times, would you be willing to write the proposal for me in exchange for dash payment if it is funded? (I'm very time poor atm)

Thanks for reading and for your input!

Highest Regards,
Jeremy West


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The Golden rule is under promise, over deploy.
That said other tips include, don't ask for all the money in advanced, provide info on your competence, experience and breakdown of the funds.
There are some groups that are big on evaluations of proposals.