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Let the show that launched Bitcoin work for Dash


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I am Mark Edge, Host of the nationally syndicated radio program Free Talk Live. I proposed to work for Dash today and I am getting quite a few down votes. I want my proposal to be the best it can be and am wide open to suggestions. The proposal is below, but I will likely modify it as suggestions come in.

* Because I am a n00b, I can't make a long post. Please go to dashcentral dot org and search for The_Show_That_Launched_Bitcoin

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I propose that you let Free Talk Live, the nationally syndicated radio program, that both Gavin Andresen and Roger Ver credit as initially launching Bitcoin*, work for Dash to bring the message to hundreds of thousands of people, that in many cases, have never heard of an alt-coin.

First: Dash has a HUGE advantage over other cryptos with it's built-in marketing dollars. If all other things are equal, this gives Dash a huge advantage. Second: This is an unusual way to present an ad campaign. So, I hope you will be merciful in your understanding if it isn't perfect the first go around :).

Free Talk Live is not just a podcast with 13+ million downloads. It is a radio program on 150+ US radio stations, with 300,000+ weekly listeners. We are the largest liberty oriented audio program in the world.

I spoke to Amanda B. Johnson at Anarchapulco and she convinced me that Dash is a viable project. I had not taken a stance up to that point, but Dash's recent successes back this up. I am ready, willing and able to lend the power and reach of Free Talk Live to this new and exciting technical upgrade in the world of Crypto-tokens. I am going to offer you our Major Sponsorship Package.

This will get you:

- 1 Live Read per night. This in-show content, our premium product, is not for sale to anyone whom we do not endorse. I will handle the writing and periodic re-writing of this and keep it fresh.

- 3 :30 radio ads per show, for 13 weeks.
I will work with Amanda to get these voiced and keep them fresh and timely (she is an incredible talent and has agreed to help).

- Banners – a small banner on every page of freetalklive.com and a large banner on one of the most visited pages. I will have these produced.

- Facebook –Periodic Facebook posts on our page with 91k+ likes.

- Streams – We maintain 2 primary streams, they are far and removed the most professional liberty-oriented internet radio stations, with thousands of listeners a month. Your :30 second ads will rotate 5-10x per day on these streams which are syndicated on dozens of internet radio stations and broadcast on 2 satellites to North America, Central America and Africa.

We intend to use the Dash that we earn to set up a Master Node, when we have enough. We are in for the long-haul and want this new exciting technology to be as widespread and successful as Bitcoin and more.

In her video, Amanda B. Johnson, suggests giving real-world contact info for us. We are on the air 7 nights a week at 1-855-450-3733. If we fail to do as promised, it is gonna be real embarrassing to deal with an angry Dash call flood. So far, in 15 years, we haven’t had an advertiser feel like we failed to play their ads.


It took me a couple of hours to get this up, I apologize. I will check back daily to answer questions.

*In January 2011.Gavin Andresen, who was a subscriber and donor to our show wanted to meet for lunch and talk about a new currency. We focused on alternative currencies as a way to free oneself, in part, from a dominant and evil banking system. We liked the idea of Bitcoin, although we were still somewhat skeptical. I offered to let Gavin buy ads for the currency, becoming in that moment the first ad venue in the world, and likely the largest business, to accept Bitcoin. He
didn’t do that, but he did pay me for his meal in Bitcoin, around 45 btc.

We spoke about Bitcoin on the air that night, and Roger Ver, an advertiser and listener, heard it and started investigating, making Ian (my longtime Co-Host) and me Bitcoin John the Baptist.

These are their quotes: "Many of the earliest Bitcoin adopters first learned about it through Free Talk Live...I'm convinced that is one of the sparks that turned acrazy little open source software project into a multi-billion dollar industry."
-Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Head Developer

"FTL is the premier voice for the peace and liberty Bitcoin will bring to the world. By broadcasting this message since 2011...FTL has been instrumental in creating the widespread adoption that we have today."
-RogerVer, CEO Bitcoin.com, aka Bitcoin Jesus

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I am a long time free talk live listener and they have a very good reach on "radio" and strong community in their large podcast audience. I am new to Dash and not a "voting member" but would encourage any MN owners to listen to the show (very libertarian) and LRN.fm
I won't hesitate to vote "yes" for a 3 month proposal + 10DASH reimbursement for current and new proposal submission.

Just my 2duffs
Cross posted....
I like it but like everyone said the 12 months is too long. You guys have a proven track record and i have listened to many shows going back years. Given this track record and nature of the proposal i think 3 months would be perfect.
I would like to see a good sized banner like the crypto show has except just the standard DASH logo but with Dash.org.

You can't control the price but even the 4k sounds a bit high. If the price was lowered a bit next time and the time duration shortened and the logo properly placed you would have my votes. If everything went well the first 3 month cycle i would vote for 4k the next time.
Hey Medge, love the proposal. This would be a great asset to the network!

I also agree a shorter period initially maybe better.

From memory, i think Amanda's first engagement was only for a few months.

I will also vote yes on a revised submission.
Pretty sad to see this proposal stagnated... :confused:
I mean, c'mon MNOs, compare the cost of this proposal and its possible audience to some other proposals http://dashvotetracker.com/index.html

Plus, not sure why @MedgeFTL is not posting updates here to clarify few things, probably due to the fact the most active discussion is on DashCentral these days...
Anyway, I'm going to copy/paste some info here for him:
** I made this proposal on like March 4th. Dash price was ~$40. This is intended to be a $4000 proposal. Since the price has gone up dramatically, I will take the extra and put it towards (1st) more ads on my show. (2nd) ads on GCNlive.com, my syndicate. This should use the money as wisely as I can. I have been doing radio marketing for nearly 20 years. I will do my best with the money that is entrusted to me. If the price exceeds $150, I will Post PLEASE DOWN VOTE in the title.
IMO it's completely reasonable approach.

The only concern is 12 month period as far as I see. Well, I know we had a very bad experience with ATM 12 months proposal (good that it happened when price was so low though), but we also had an experience of canceling a proposal (I hope @MedgeFTL is aware of the fact btw :)). I'm not sure why MNOs are taking so reactive and not pro-active position... I would personally give this proposal a chance at least for a month or two. This could be a very nice addition to other media coverage like Dash Detailed and The Crypto Show imo. And if not, well, at least we tried, just downvote it later.
I thought based on early conversations you were going to re-submit this? If you're going to do it, now would be a good time! You don't have to wait for the next cycle.
I voted for this proposal. I figured in a couple of months it would already have gotten a year's worth of funding (as asked originally) and we could downvote it then.