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Lessons from Ethereum


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Having invested a bit in Ethereum and having lived through the mess with the hack of the DAO that created the mess of ETH vs ETC, I would like to ask the Dash community two questions.

1. Does Dash have an internal programming language for creating contracts similar to Ethererum, or is there any plan on adding one?

2. What extra steps are taken to ensure that the features of Dash are not so easily exploitable? Does the development team brainstorm to imagine possible weaknesses that could be taken advantage of by those with less than noble intentions? Are steps taken to eliminate such weaknesses?

Thanks and saludos from Colombia! :)
Hi! Welcome. I'll answer to the best of my ability (anyone else, please feel free to chime in):

1 - Dash's 'contracting' ability is currently executed through its treasury. See this site to view all the budget proposals currently being funded or not funded from our treasury. The payment "contracts" execute or don't execute automatically based on number of votes received. We may or may not one day incorporate the kind of contracts that have been promised in Ethereum -- our next version release will incorporate a Turing-complete language (program?) called Sentinel, which will give our masternodes enhanced control over the network (I'm told).

2 - I imagine the "steps" taken to prevent code vulnerabilities are pretty standard -- we testnet all code before it goes live, and we have bug bounties. Also, I'm sure it helps that we are not easily distracted by the new and the shiny (ooooh, TheDAO!) and hence are not at all likely to put our money into uncharted waters for the sake of swimming in uncharted waters. I've found the majority of stakeholders to here to be rather practical -- even prudent -- with their Dash.

Hope this helps. Saludos to you in Colombia.

Y bienvenidos a effectivo digital!
The bubble's gotta burst eventually... $1,000,000,000.00 tied up in something that doesn't work and all of the bagholders know it. It's like LTC now... No reason for it to exist, but they know that simply being stubborn is the only way to keep it alive.

Where is $1B in market cap going to go? There's not a toilet big enough to flush it all! Lols! The only reason it hasn't gone down the tubes, is because it clogged the pipe!