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Lack of electronic gift card options


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Seems like our only decent options for electronic gift cards are Amazon (via Bitcart, 15% off), eGifter, or Gyft. I consider these types of services extremely important for us while we're in the transition towards mainstream adoption. The latter 2 require using an exchange. Wouldn't be a big deal to me if using all 3 of these services actually gave me access to most electronic gift cards, but sadly, for some odd reason it doesn't. Far as I can tell, eGifter and Gyft haven't even added any new card options in a very long time, and major franchises such as Subway and McDonald's simply aren't available.

eGifter has been accepting Bitcoin Cash for over 3 weeks now. IMO, we really should have been able to get Dash accepted there first. However, given their apparent lack of growth in gift card options, maybe the best thing for us to do is to have someone from our business development team work with Payza and say a major provider of electronic gift cards such as CashStar (https://www.cashstar.com/buy-gift-card/). Could someone from the business development team please comment? Thanks!
Pretty surprising to me that nobody has any comments regarding this! Interestingly, eGifter recently added a Walmart gift card option. Maybe that means they're finally working on finding new gift card partners? They've also now been accepting Litecoin and Ethereum for about a month.

When I talk to my friends/family about how empowering the Dash technology is, it would be extremely helpful if I could (at the very least) show them how I can purchase an eGifter Choice card denominated down to the penny via InstantSend, which can then be instantly converted to whatever gift card they need. The last time I purchased one I actually used LTC for the first time since 2014. It felt so ridiculous and wrong, but it was the cheapest and fastest way!

I really want to do something about this situation myself, but I don't see what I can do. I'm not an official representative of any Dash team, and I really don't think a budget proposal is necessary to improve this situation.
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