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Kristiv Atlas want to ask some questions..


New member

What You guys think about this 2 important questions? 2nd looks solved with Mixing but can we now mix coin without risk?
If you look in the comments below the youtube video you will see that Evan already answered

Evan Duffield
Hey, thanks for the questions. I'm the main developer, so I'll answer everything. I have a background in finance and programming (a little more info here:https://medium.com/p/a923facddc3c). I'm actually on the austrian side of things and I was actually in the process of fixing the "infinite supply" issue and coming up with a schedule that makes sense. This has been one of the main complaints about the coin and I can fix it pretty easily. About who needs to know the mapping of inputs to outputs? Good question. Currently the master is required to know but I'd like to implement an ECC blind signing scheme, like this one: http://ojs.academypublisher.com/index.php/jnw/article/viewFile/0508921928/2053