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Kraken stole my 1750 euro for months


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They still have not deposited and do not reply to my disputes.
The police is informed.
Warning: their website states;

Transparency and independently verified audits are critical to ensure that companies hold full reserves of customer funds.

Our initial audit will cover only Bitcoin reserves. However, audits for other currencies will be considered for future development.
It can be in case if you've made deposit not from your personal bank account (for example from company bank account or from your wife's account). Try to contact their support. I had similar issue when I transfered money to my personal account on Kraken from my company's bank account - and for about 1 month my money where on hold and then returned back on my back account.
yep. I just said this in the other thread. Kraken tried to do something similar and I deactivated my account and did not say Good bye
I have the opposite experience with Kraken. To me this is the most trustworthy exchange in the industry.
They always responded to my tickets with a clear clarification of the issue. I would really recommend to submit a ticket to their service desk and ask for explanation of the problem. Usually it is connected to their policies that you have accepted but (probably) haven't read.

In case it won't work, please contact me via PM - I'll try to help through our internal channels.
They are doing bad service and now there are many complaints like these, I think that their days as service providers are coming to an end.
I`ve read so many negative opionions about Kraken... unbelievable. Kraken should be banned immediately. Next time put more effort and find better exchange. The most popular platforms are becoming worse and worse.. They are making room for new platforms like CoinDeal. I cant say a lot about this platform but the only thing I'm sure of is that CoinDeal has the highest standards of security
Using Kraken for a while never had problems with them, true that they had issues in the past but are one of the most secure exchanges so far.
Yeah, you should try to use CoinDeal, their security is really advanced so you won't have to worry about anything