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Join Dash's very own Decentralized Social Media Squad!


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Have you always wanted to help out, but lack the technical skills to feel valuable and or get up and offer help? Does Dash sometimes feel like "too technical" for you?

We'll here a proposition for you: Join Dash's very own decentralized social media team!

1. What is this? How does this help Dash?

This is the easiest way to help grow Dash, sick of waiting for your investment to grow wings? We'll here a very simple, straight forward and easy way to help it. All it takes is 5 minutes to sign-up for accounts on websites such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram, reddit, news site comment sections and so on( we will make a full list soon). All of which are valuable platforms with millions of users who have yet to year about crypto currencies, let alone Dash. So lets go tell them!

2. What if I don't know how to "social media"? Or have no social media accounts?

That's why we are here, to help you learn! Social media is as simple as using the proper hashtags, posting at the proper areas and keeping the conversation alive about the subject you are trying to push, hence needed a decentralized "team" to push our content more effectively, worldwide. 24/7. We will have a wonderful slack channel full of professional social media folks willing to lend a hand, help write tweets, provide feedback and overall just help educate the Dash community on taking its destiny into its own hands.

3. How can I join?
Joining is as simple as heading over to the public Dash slack and join the channel named #Dash_social_squad and reposting anything you see there and/or commenting or just liking the post. Retweets are our best friends but we welcome any and ALL help in the effort to push Dash to the mainstream world.

Thank you guys for your time.

Looking forward to seeing people join us. Myself @TaoOfSatoshi @InTheWoods @Macrochip will be starting the venture off, but we already have 8+ people in the channel and we're already getting to work in reddit subs such as politics, finance and so on!

Slack signup: https://digitalcash.signup.team/

Dash Social Pages:

PS: Also every might as well post their twitter handles and such here to get more followers and link up with others.
Mine is: https://twitter.com/TheDashGuy
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Example of our efforts in the first 5 minutes: https://www.reddit.com/r/personalfi...ou_worried_about_investment/d47jubr?context=3

Obviously going to get down-voted to oblivion somtimes, but we have to win people out 1 by 1. NOT talking about Dash is never going to help anything.

edit: and stuff I personally have targeted:



Just wanted to update everyone on the types of efforts we'll be focusing on:

Example of something I worked on planning today, waiting till JUST the right time to ninja edit and link people to dash.org that would be readily accepting of the purpose of me sending them there from a political sub.


thats how you get randoms to hear about and/or use Dash that may have NEVER heard of it.

Also @tungfa @AndyDark @babygiraffe @kot @fernando or anyone else, can you make the What is Dash slide the first one to appear please (on dash.org)? Noone cares about evolution when they first land on dash.org sorry. Not yet atleast. We need them to see the youtube video right off the bat.
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