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is PrivateSend so slow?


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First of all, I'm not an experienced person on cryptocurrencies.

I opened two wallets from MyDashWallet.org for trial purposes. My goal was to find out how the process works if I need something like PrivateSend in the future. I ordered the first wallet dash (Jul 10,2018) and three days later (mined Jul 13, 2018 5:04:29 PM) to send another wallet with PrivateSend (with MDW Mixing selected).

As of today (Jul 18, 2018), the balance still seems to be zero in my second wallet, although one week has passed. When I enter Mydashwallet.org and look at the operations in my first pocket, the confirmations are slowly increasing under the order I gave. It's 2649 now.

How long will this last? Is it possible to give at least an estimated time to see the balance on my second account? Does the process always work like this?

Thanks in advance.
i never mixed with MDW
i only use DashCore

in DashCore i easy mix 100 Dash / 2 rounds in 2h (4rounf maybe 4h)
send IS super quick and done
(actually did not know u can mix in MDW)
Thank you for your quick reply.

But I still have no answer or clue, when will the transaction complete. By the way, I do not know what MDW is, but this is the default option on MyDashWallet.org. I do not know what to choose and what it is.

I am open to any knowledge or hint about the subject.
Pretty much all PrivateSend tx on MyDashWallet below 20 DASH have been confirmed immediately (which is 99%+) and are send out with the next block (due to enough Dash already being pre-mixed). if you see zero balance, it is most likely a display issue in your brower (try a different browser or look on any dash explorer to see your actual amount). If you have further trouble please simply contact [email protected]
I firstly wrote the issue to support@mydashwallet but I recieved after 2 days later the typical answer that is appears when send a transaction.

I do not blame anyone for anything. I try to find out what is happening, how the process works. thank you for your help.
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