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Is our forum under troll attack?

I'm sorry guys, for arguing so much. It was just that the subject is like a religion to me :p I'm very passionate about it. And it was late, and I was getting persnippidy. :tongue::tongue: ::hugs::
Same for me, I support Dash since the beginning, but it's not a reason for don't ask embarrassing questions ?
If everybody tell the same think, why discuss ?
Honestly it doesn't bother my thick skin, what irks me is what drives them. Would they be paid? What would make someone spend hours everyday writing shitposts on that forum? It's absolutely confounding to me :what::what::what:

I know for a fact some of the bitcointalk trolls are paid actually. Some projects had so called "PR" on their payroll and their role was to destroy the credibility of competitors. Not familiar with any coins who were doing but I'm sure there are a few. Some btc folks were offering trolling services few years ago. Pretty sure they still do.