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Is it worth me mining?


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Having not mined before I'm seriously thinking about building my own PC with a dual graphics setup. This will be purely used for mining so no doubt every other hardware will be cheap as or even second hand.

The biggest question is... Is it worth the hardware investment?
To be honest I think nobody can answer this question but you. Mining dark coins are only beneficial if you believe they are going to go up in the future as it would take a long time to get your investment back in building a rig to mine coins that are worth $6.50 each atm. Obviously you will get your investment back quite easily if DRK skyrockets in value. IMO the exploding darknet will cause DRK to go up as people will eventually realize it's better to use an anonymous coin than to use Bitcoins which leave transaction history requiring them to tumble their coins into a sketchy mixing service. In a nutshell my opinion is that if you feel like investing in DRK then build a rig.
A good point there to be honest... Now you know what the next few questions are.

I've heard about the difficulity levels increasing when the number of miners are increased. Given the current level, if I got 2 high end gfx cards which gave me an output of a gigahash per second, how many coins would that generate assuming I joined a decent pool? I'm a totally newb when it comes to this type of stuff so I'm really stepping into the unknown.

Minning is something I'd like to do but its the costs v rewards for me.
Depending what you set up, determines if it is worth it for you. Just after playing around with a lot of calculators, and the rough cost of equipment these days, you would be looking at around 200 days to recoup your investment, IF you have a source of free electricity. If you do not, then you are going to be VERY tight on generating any revenue.

Now, you will in no way EVER get close to a gigahash/sec (on X11) with two video cards. Not even 10 video cards. Probably not even with 100 high-end cards....

The best bang for the buck is the GTX 750 Ti (any brand, cheap as you can get them). Those can be sometimes had for as low as $100 used/refurb, but more often are found in the $135-$175 range right now. They are very power efficient should you NOT have a source of free electricity, and will put out around 2.2 - 2.6 MHash/s each.

My 6x rig right now generates on average ~ $4-6 USD/day worth of mixed coins that I exchange to BTC (.01) to exchange to DRK. No electricity cost. My total investment is around $1000. Now, given that I had some old parts to sell my out of pocket is closer to $650-700. This puts my ROI closer to 100-150 days (at current market rates.. which is a crapshoot every day of the week). For me it's worth it because I like to learn and play with things. If I get sour on the whole experience at any point I can resell all my hardware and recoup the majority of my investment.
Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a bunch of DRK right now. Cant mine forever as its going to get more and more difficult and costly. Id rather put $1000 into DRK at todays prices.