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Is getfreedash SCAM?

Is getfreedash SCAM?

I had $ 41 in my balance and they have disappeared, and they have not paid me..

Could you give us more data?
What is your dash address?
How did you managed to gain 41$?
Could you also give us the 82 dash adresses of the individuals you introduced dash to?
It was not only me who took the balance, but everyone I know, I think there should be an explanation and more if you tell me that I am a scammer .... My account meets all the requirements from photo profile well, to my dash address, my email gmail, everything in perfect order, I do not understand why you call me a scammer...

Could you give us more data?
  1. What is your dash address?
  2. How did you managed to gain 41$ in getfreedash? By introducing new individuals to it?
  3. In case 2 is a yes, could you please reveal to us the 82 dash adresses of the individuals you introduced dash to?
By the data you will provide, the community will judge whether you are a scammer or not.
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I do not understand what you say...
is there my dash address, why do you send yours, so what?
Search for "wallet: 442771" in your address' page https://bitinfocharts.com/dash/address/XiEJHSgj9oFNC2Pf5DBFkNr664HsgsDQwW

I send you my address, as a comparison to yours. My address looks clean, your address is involved in many transactions. And maybe this was judged as suspicious by the getfreedash team.

But here you are, the stage is yours, prove your innocence in front of the community and expose getfreedash's judjement.
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Answer me, I am a SCAMMER?
I have not the whole information in order to judge you.
Getfreedash team has the whole info, but they keep it secret from the community until now.
For example I would like to know the dash addresses of your 483 references.
Getfreedash team has this info.

But, as I have already told you, maybe they didnt judge you as a scammer, maybe they just put an upper limit in the references.
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