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iOS Core Wallet Beta Testing

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Dash Core Group
Hi All,

We are wrapping up the QA testing of a very big milestone in our journey to Evolution on the iOS wallet. The libraries (formally known as Dash Sync) have been fully integrated into the wallet which will allow for more organized development of the Evolution features going forward and will provide a very robust SDK for the community. We are looking for as many volunteers as possible to participate in a Beta.

There are no new features being released for this version (v2.0.0) so it is just making sure no one experiences any abnormal behavior from the last version which was released. If you know of anyone who uses the iOS wallet frequently, please reach out to them as well (this is a public beta). We are looking to start as early as this week so please send me your email which is registered on your iTunes account as soon as possible if you are interested.
Not open for further replies.