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Invitation to closed-beta of FundChan


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FundChan is funded channel messaging and it is now denominated exclusively in Dash, and you are invited to participate in closed-beta.


Just post a reply here and I will PM you the beta authorization code.

The first 100 participants in the FundChan closed beta will be eligible to receive a 100% discount on account confirmation (~$10 value).
I like it, but having to go through the entite registration process again after log out is too much to ask of a beta tester.
Also: the access code field needs to be defined as raw text or password to stop auto Cap from capping the first letter(causing failure) and stop auto correct from splitting the code into two words (also causing failure)
also: why do you not setup a password while setting up email and username? No account recovery possible?
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If you get to the authorization page, there is no way back to the log in page.
Every action except entering the invite phrase again just reloads the page.
I'll try to clear cookies and see what happens
Logout kills all cookies, including the beta authorization cookie.

I just made it open-beta, so no more authorization required.

Thanks for the feedback!!!! VERY helpful.