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Introducing the 2018 DASH Bull Run!


This proposal will be submitted next month and begin in June.
Proposal Total 80 DASH, June 20, and 10 ea month thru October.
Complete You Tube Channel with a minimum of four videos per month(usually more).
Two Professional Bull Riders Exclusive Sponsorship's for the remainder of 2018 with an option on 2019.
Exposure to a segment of the population with high income and relatively little awareness of the new currency.

We will be traveling throughout the state of California to approximately 30 Rodeos with two young, up and coming bull riders competing in the bull riding competition. We will have a booth in the Rodeo common where we will host games for branded merchandise and educate people about DASH while promoting its sale to everyone. The branding/marketing campaign will be toward creating a view that DASH is going to be on a Bull Run throughout 2018. With graphics of our Bull Riders along with it. Bull Riders are highly revered in their communities and an opportunity to partner with someone this inexpensively doesn't present itself often. I think that DASH will benefit from the positive branding and public relations as well as educating hundreds if not thousands of people, and hopefully getting a few more HODLers in our ranks.
Please reply with your thoughts and questions so that I know whether or not I should move forward with this proposal. I will post a video introducing the two Bull Riders in about a weeks time and I will personally host the video so that I can introduce myself. Thank you for reading
When people start reading reports about an upcoming Dash bull run in the papers, they will start buying dash causing a real bull run.

Great idea, Randy. Are you still working on this?