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Internet Ads update


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Hey Folks, we've been working super hard over here and have lots of updates.

First if you haven't seen the new dashinformer.com please check it out. We're pretty proud of it, and again, this is just the landing page we built for tracking purposes for the campaign. We had to wait for it to be complete before firing up the ads, so the ads began delivering about ten days ago.

New Branding = New Ads
We have a slew of new ads incorporating the new branding ready to go. Here are the general concepts behind them, focusing on our core feature set: transaction speed, transaction cost, and privacy.

Those are just to give you an idea of the messaging and the look and feel of it all, but we have the ads in many more formats and sizes than in the album.

We continue to believe that a huge portion of the global crypto-following population is unaware of Dash's existing core feature set. These ads directly help address that, which we hope will help us to bring new partnerships & integrations, recognition in the space, and new, interested community participants.

Google is still delivering at full volume, as are our retargeting partners, with yahoo and bing also delivering.

Partnerships Update
We have formed direct partnerships with CoinDesk and Cointelegraph, with ads beginning to roll next week in all formats. We bought 1.5 million impressions from Cointelegraph and 1.6 million impressions from Coindesk. We are in talks with TechCrunch and New York Times. Techcrunch appears to be going the route of Google / Facebook with choosing not to run cryptocurrency ads. We suspect the New York Times will likely drop out ad well, given the amount of press and level of fear around it.

Ad networks are a funny thing. There are the two main ones that everyone's heard about, and then a large handful of second tier networks that actually have massive reach and very high quality sites. We've begun working with some of these.

As you may or may not have heard, mailchimp is cutting off service to cryptocurrency related entities. This is insane to us but alas our dashinformer mailing list is hosted with mailchimp so we are expecting to lose service to it. Strange times indeed.

Our remarketing list is currently over 100,000 people and we expect that to jump to several hundred more thousand. Remarketing is currently delivering at great volume and they are now offering facebook lookalike audiences based on interest matching and we are going to start experimenting with that.

Focused on Fostering Adoption
As we move forward we are brainstorming ways that the advertising can more directly foster adoption. One idea we had was to promote a social media meme asking visitors to tell us on social media where they want to be able to #spenddash and to tag dash and the merchant. Many providers who have integrated with various cryptocurrencies often report that they integrated based on a customer request. We feel this could be a powerful move to help drive integrations.

We continue to believe in the value of communicating our unique and useful feature set to people following the space who are unaware. There is such a massively larger audience following the cryptocurrency space today than there was a year ago. Most of them have never heard of Dash or what Dash does.

We are working hard and around the clock over here to get the word out in a clean, professional way at scale while we still can.

Recent Statistics:
In the last week alone the dashinformer.com landing page has seen 150,000 unique users, 30 million ad impressions, 250k clicks. 250k sessions. Average time on homepage was just under 2 minutes, whereas average time on merchants page was 2.5 minutes, so it's nice to see the merchants spending longer on the page overall. Everyone we're reaching through targeting are people who are coming from something crypto related on the web, whether it was a keyword search or a content page about crypto. "Merchants" are people coming via search terms like "how to accept bitcoin" and "how to accept cryptocurrency payments."

And that's about where we're ad with the ads. Shutting off internet ads is a bit like whack a mole. There's always ways to keep doing it effectively, and in today's climate we need to stay one step ahead always thinking of a next move.

We will keep fighting the good fight to help Dash reach greater levels of awareness and adoption, so long as the network approves.

Current roadmap and efforts supporting other treasury funded initiatives.
Right now we are laser focused with AlejandroE's team in Venezuela, finishing up the Spanish translation of the new dashinformer site, adding Venezuelan specific content including access to DashHelp Venezuela's helpdesk and new remittance info, and translating all of our new ads into Spanish and launching them with the ads targeting in Venezuela. We are doubling down all of our advertising efforts moving forward into Venezuela and supporting the teams there as much as we can. And of course, we do support all treasury funded projects however we can but Venezuela is the main focus with community integration currently. The country continues to suffer from a collapsing currency, creating a powerful vacuum for Dash to enter.




* these ad concepts have been worked into approximately 15 different sizing formats for desktop and mobile web
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Hey everyone, here is an update on the Dash informer campaign and how we did this month.

Stats for April:
  • 348,000 targeted visits to Dashinformer.com
  • 37,000 visits to Dashinformer.com/merchants
  • Average time on site since April 6 (when we doubled down on CoinDesk and Cointelegraph): 5 minutes 2 seconds
  • Average time on merchant site: 4 minutes 57 seconds
  • Achieving display on nearly 100% of pageloads of reddit r/cryptocurrency, r/bitcoin, r/ethereum, r/coinbase and others.
  • Successfully ramped up CoinDesk impressions to 200,000 impressions per day.
  • Successfully ramped up CoinTelegraph to 200,000 impressions per day.
  • Launched ads on CCN.com, what I believe is the third most visited crypto news site.
  • Executed partnership with TechCrunch to write a native content piece calling on entrepreneurs and startups to build on Dash's payment platform and surround it with a native advertising campaign as well.
Ad spend breakdown so far this month:
  • $60,000 spent with CoinDesk
  • $45,000 spent with CoinTelegraph
  • $72,000 spent with TechCrunch
  • $20,000 spend with CCN.com
  • $8.5 spend on Google
  • $6k spend on remarketing
New Proposal integrations this month:
  • Agreed to integrate into the Dashinformer site Pieter Eralith's new video, funded by the treasury, according to the locations and countries that make strategic sense for them.
  • Made introduction between to Joel Venezuela and a brick and mortar restaurant industry sales veteran who can "bring dash thousands of restaurants" who first contacted us through the Dashinformer help desk.
  • Dashinformer continues to seek to integrate and raise awareness around treasury funded projects.
Desire for Dash to build a single email list

As Dash gets closer to evolution, a strong email list is going to make the launch that much more successful. An email list is a critical organizational asset for important announcements and marketing communications. Dash is in a very unique situation as many different marketers have large budgets to conduct marketing across different platforms, accounts and properties. I believe this calls for a unique approach to email list building. I would like to formally advocate for using a shared email collection form to build a single list instead of every marketing proposal building a separate email list. Usage of this list or access to it could be granted via vote from the treasury. We would be happy to use a shared form, or share our form with other marketers, or some execution of a plan that results in a more unified email list for Dash. Regardless of the path we take to get there, we feel that making effort in this direction would be of huge benefit.

Partner Reports
Now that most of our ad spend is happening via direct relationships with news properties in the crypto space, they will be giving me reports directly on impressions and clicks. I have requested these reports for the month of April and will post them here once received.
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