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Interest of the newbie of the crypto world

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It doesn't matter which crypto you will choose - you'll have to work hard on it. You'll need to check it's course every day in order to stay safe and not to lose much. The best way out is to choose some good ICO where the processes will work themselves. But be careful in order not to get into a trap as there are too many of them and I'm not sure that they're all safe.
If you can't choose which token to invest you can trade cryptos on forex instead. it has a lot of opportunities and you can easily choose which currency pair to trade at the moment: BTC/USD, XRP/EUR, DSH/GBP and many other. Deposits and withdrawals will be fast and safe if you know a reliable forex broker. I can recommend you JustForex, I'm trading cryptos there now
Oh yeah, I've seen Justforex offers it. It seems good that on Forex you have an opportunity to trade in both directions - that is when the trend an upward, as well as when it is downward.
Hey there!

First you do lot of research on the cryptocurrencies by reading blogs, forums and white papers. Based on the coinmarketcap, choose the top 20 coins and do research on that. You can track the Live price chart and the real time price of any cryptocurrency across different exchanges at Coinswitch exchange. Instead of trading at different exchanges, you can trade all the coins at 1 place i.e, on Coinswitch exchange. This will reduce your time and money.

I prefer this exchange because this is the fast and safe way to exchange cryptocurrencies.
First you have do a lot of research and make list of 5 or 10 top currencies and then collect data about their prices in past and present then read what experts are predicting about their future and then make an investment.
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