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Integrate DASH Into Peatio the Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchange

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It would be beneficial for DASH if there were more exchanges trading DASH that goes without saying. Most new exchanges are based on an open source exchange platform called Peatio. Peatio is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that's been in development for over 4 years. The project stalled on a few occasions, the original developers were based in China where cryptocurrency has since been outlawed by the Communist government. The project remains open source were anyone can contribute and download. We would like to hire the best developers to bring Peatio up to a standard to compete with mainstream platforms this means incorporating more coins including DASH. There was a previous successful bid by Tawanda Kembo to receive funding to integrate DASH into his exchange - Bitcoinfundi now called Golix, his exchange was based on Peatio but unfortunately he chose not to share this knowledge.

To complete this job we require the equivalent of £750


Crowdfunding attempt:

Details of the work required:

Some Exchanges using Peatio:
Binance - Cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on crypto-to-crypto trading.
Cex.io - Cryptocurrency Exchange founded in London 2013.
Yunbi Exchange - Cryptocurrency Exchange Funded by BitFundPE.
QUOINEX - Cryptocurrency Exchange launched by Japanese fintech QUOINE.
QRYPTOS - Cryptocurrency Exchange launched by Japanese fintech QUOINE.
Golix - Cryptocurrency Exchange in Zimbabwe.
Bitspark - Bitcoin Exchange in Hong Kong.
MarsX.io - Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange.
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I'd prefer at this time for everything to be open source but if it is the only means to obtain funding then the code will be shared with the people who make a significant contribution. So the return would come through running an exchange..
I will be contacting every coin developer to ask them to integrate into Peatio, DASH may be the only coin that Peatio will not support. I was expecting more.
Hello DASH Community!

Came across this post and thought I update the thread..

RubyKube (Helios Technologies SAS) Team had already implemented DASH into our Peatio fork and have made DASH available to our client base as a cryptocurrency option. Today the RubyKube Cryptocurrency Platform stack is the most advanced fork of Peatio. Here's a quick description of the direction Helios Technologies team is heading with this open source project:

Peatio acts as the main Accounting gateway between Fiat and Crypto-Currencies.

Peatio is in charge of maintaining the Member balance for engaging trading activities.

RubyKube uses peatio as an API, we only configure it per deployments but continue using the vanilla opensource peatio. We build a docker container from sources available on docker hub rubykube/peatio.

RubyKube ships weekly improvements on Peatio in Kubernetes managed containers.

Our goal and roadmap is to provide advanced API's endpoint in order to be able to customize all behaviors around peatio such as:

  • Plug in payment gateways
  • Plug in liquidity providers
  • Replace Trade matching worker
  • Consume Peatio events API
Sorry I cannot share the GitHub link since my account requirements haven't been met just yet, but if you're interested in additional information, please visit the 'RubyKube' (rubykube/peatio) GitHub repo or join our open source developer chat on Telegram dedicated to this open source project: @peatio

Please feel free to message or reply to this thread with questions and for additional information.

Helios Tech (RubyKube) Team is happy to support the DASH community!
Thats awesome dude I heard about your fork as it was spoken of on the forum but was not familiar with it. Muhammed Nagy successfully integrated Eth on his fork. What other currencies does RubyKube support? Which additional currencies are planned for RubyKube?
@JelloBiafra Thanks and glad to know that the discussion of our fork has already take place on the DASH forum! I will review after this response.

RKCP supports:

Cryptocurrencies supported in opensource: DASH, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, BTG, ERC20
RKCP also support BitGo integration to the stack, and often prefer this option for a number of reasons unrelated to this thread.
Fiat: Any & as of the upcoming sprint multiple fiat currencies will be supported in our open source version.

We're actively adding coins to our open source development and plan on supporting more than a dozen coins (not counting ERC20 tokens) within the next couple of months. The recently added ERC20 support allows us to support all ERC20 tokens.
I read about it in the Peatio Gitter forum but we are speaking about it now.
Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchange
I read about it in the Peatio Gitter forum but we are speaking about it now.
Open Source Cryptocurrency Exchange

I guess I didn't answer your second question. Was wondering what you meant.. :)

Having ERC20 support, Rubykube Crypto Platform can support any ERC20 token.

For non ERC20 token based coins, our R&D dedicated developers continue integrating coins into our stack and we will continue making them available to both our clients and the open source community with the competence to deploy our stack and framework. We're working on educational material and videos to better support the open source community and continue improving our product support. Kind of like that.. :)

Are you supporting a Peatio based exchange now?
I will #peatio #customization #cryptocurrency #exchange
Designed as high performance cryptocurrency exchange.
Peatio is divided into three applications i.e Peatio, Barong, Trading UI
Barong features are register, login, 2FA(two factor authentication) and KYC.
Trading UI is built for cryptocurrency trading exchange features.
Built-in high performance matching-engine.
Build-in RabbitMQ Event API.
Usability and scalability.
Websocket API and high frequency trading support.
Support multiple digital currencies (eg. BCH, BTC, DASH, ETH, USD etc.).
Easy customization of payment processing for both fiat and digital currencies
KYC Verification.
Powerful admin dashboard and management tools.
Highly configurable and extendable.
Deployed and Installed Peatio cryptocurrency exchange in production environment on the cloud server.
Customized home page as per the requirements. Also redesigned UI of Funds where user can deposit/withdraw the coins.
Redesign of Transaction History page in peatio.
In Barong, customized UI for sign up, login, phone verification and change password.
Implemented browser and IP for phishing, for improved security while using Exchange.
Programming Language #crypto #exchange
#peatio #exchange #custom #changes
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