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Instant AND private transfers?


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I am new to Dash but have read quite a bit on it this week. My first impression is great and it seems to be a natural follow-up of Bitcoin. The PrivateSend and InstantSend features are particularly useful, if not essential additions. My impression is however that these can not be combined, i.e. payments cannot be private AND instant. Am I right on this and if so is there anything that can be done to allow the combination in future releases?
PrivateSend relies on coin mixing which, even though it's built into the Dash protocol, is a time consuming privacy technique. If it's a feature you think you'd like to use, it's best to have a private balance prepared ahead of time. btw So far as I'm aware, InstantSend is currently disabled due to the possibility of an exploit. Expect a fix sometime after the next version of the Dash wallet software.
@Voluntary Good to know. I haven't experienced Dash yet myself, and before doing so it would be great if some 'easy-to-dream-up' issues are out of the way first. Your answer leads to a follow-up question: If coin mixing is time-consuming, it might also require additional space on the block and thus become quite costly on total memory space of the blockchain. If so do you have any idea by how much? Additionally , setting up a 'private balance' is not something I have seen in any of the Detail or School videos or documentation yet. Can you expand?
@PeterV I'm not technically deep enough into Dash to know the extent of the PrivateSend use of blockspace. But these videos might help you get some idea of how many individual transactions are spawned by the process.
@Voluntary Sure I've watched these videos and the content was the reason to send these questions. Indeed I could do some calculations myself but wouldn't it be great if the Dash team provides a crystal clear number on the overhead costs of private transactions. The fairest comparison would be one where all payments are private vs. all are standard (non-private).
It would also be great if my original question if Private AND Instant can both be ticked in one payment can be answered with a clear Yes or No.
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