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Infra Team Updates - March 2023


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Infra team is going to begin posting our monthly updates on this forum and becoming more active here, while most of you get this via email we will leave the thread open so you can comment and we can have a mini Q&A if you have any questions :)


In March, infra team assisted core team with numerous individual deployments of Dash Core versions ranging from rc.4 to beta.9 on testnet, with a stable build emerging towards the end of the month. This included implementing two major new features in the network deploy tool: support for new ARM node types and support for HPMN networks and EIP addresses. Routine updates were made to the logging cluster, smoke tests were continuously updated to work correctly against the new network functions. Several fixes and releases were prepared to release Insight 4.0.2 to testnet for community testing. The team worked on implementing governance proposals, mixing and voting in deploy tool, which saw several dev releases throughout the month.

Administrative work included tightened security on the keybase group chat, and removing the defunct dash newsroom from DNS and menu, and assisting team members with build environments and CI. The interactive user frontend for dashmate was written and QAd on various systems together with platform team, and some help was provided preparing build environments and keys for releasing dashmate packages. Training work on AWS, Docker and Elastic products continued. The web team worked on improving the website by cleaning up the "Where to Spend" page, making blog posts and page headings more consistent, fixing styles, and making SEO updates. They also worked on exporting GA data and setting up GA4 in cooperation with other team members.


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