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In this months Dash mining is not productive!

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Dash community buy himself for $ for save the investors or only Evan Duffield and friends get money! If Dash community is not a scam, please approve this investment with money of community.

Evan must have a lot of friends. Dash has a far better and fairer distribution than just about any other coin. Evan himself doesn't own huge amounts of Dash and operates no Masternodes.

From very early on, Evan described exactly this process. Easy to mine in the beginning, but then eventually, ASIC processors would come out and push the hash rate and difficulty levels up very high, exactly as we need to protect the Dash blockchain when things scale up.

If your current mining rig isn't profitable, you have only 2 choices, sell it for whatever you can get and do something else, or mine a coin where the hash rate and difficulty have not gone up as high as Dash.

However, and this is IMPORTANT, if you switch to a different coin that you can mine profitably, you have to be thinking about what you will do when THAT coin is no longer profitable to mine with your current setup. Because that WILL HAPPEN. It is only a question of time.

And I have to ask, if Dash is so unprofitable to mine, why is our hash rate so high? It's profitable for somebody out there. Just not for your equipment and electrical cost perhaps.
If there were an online calculator that mathematically demonstrated that it's stupid to shove cacti up your ass, would linking to it prove anything other than your inability to use common-sense to come to the same conclusion?

ASICs exist! GPU mining is DEAD! The writing has been on the wall for a LONG time! How did you not see this coming?

If a gutter ho tells you "You get a $50 discount because I have AIDS." And you ride her bareback for 8 hours. Then, you act surprised that you have AIDS 4 months later... Is there anyone to blame but you? For being a huge DUMBASS!
Dash mining is not profitable! Stop!
Yes! Stop mining DASH! You dumbass!
It's not a joke.
"It's" not a joke.

YOU are a joke.

Now go eat a bag of dicks and tell your mommy why the electric bill is so high the day after she bought you that fancy graphics card.
What mining rig do you use, and how much does your electricity cost?
Budget video card. Free electric.

Mommy paid for the card, and pays the electric bill. Nobody knows who Daddy is, but Mommy says he's an Alpha Male Badass.
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Camo, you always cut straight to the heart of the matter. Why beat around the bush when you could just beat the bush directly and be done with it? We tried to break it to the bush gently, but in all honesty, we weren't making much headway.

I love mixed metaphors.
this all does not make any sense
i will shut this down !!!

for future references
- calculate your mining returns
- anticipate that everybody else will buy new miners too (yes - u will not be the only one with a bigger / faster miner )
- remember the hashrate WILL adjust
- invest “smart”
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