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Improving the Dash Economy, Descentralization, Markets, Masternodes,The real indenpence from Bitcoin

We need Colective Master nodes to grow and increase people, price and adoption?

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Juan Baró

New member

Going to 170 around because bitcoin gonna continue falling.

Independence of bitcoin volatility:

The bitcoin is linked to the wallstreet speculation by the futures and dash is linked to the bitcoin for its DASH/BTC quote against it. but if dash has a strong economy it can short-term reduce the volitionality and the tendency that altcoins copy from bitcoin and in the long term become independent and establish a own quote with new elements in the value equation that give support to the price and a trend of organic growth. FOR NOTHING OF THE WORLD WE CAN ALLOW DASH TO COUNT ON FINANCIAL FUTURES !!!


The volume in the exchange house is very low, the work should be focused on increasing it including new sectors of investment and taking offer from the exchange houses making them circulate in sectorized economies that reduce the incentive to sell dash to use it.

Markets need the support of an economy: A national currency is strong for a country's economy, a cryptocurrency is strong for its use and the economy of its community. Dash is decentralized and global but needs to start creating concrete spaces that work with dash and that create a "closed" economy where DASH circulates that do not have to be changed for its use. In this way the market begins to reduce the supply added to the creation of more "collective" master nodes.

Creation of master collective nodes:

In economy there is something called entry barrier, and to be part of the network the barrier of entry are 1000DASH to have a vote in the community and participation, it is necessary to involve many more people agglomerated in a master node led by DAOS in some sectors of investment, economic or local. For example, in Venezuela I have a proposal for the creation of the first master collective node through an investment platform that we are finishing developing and obtaining permits. In this way we can involve more people and create communities that are also committed and receive dividends, all this with digital financial contracts that we will develop, (later i post the name and proposal)
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