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Importance of Escrow

Escrow should be compulsory for projects above

  • 100 Dash

  • 250 Dash

  • 500 Dash

  • 750 Dash

  • 1000 Dash

  • Not important

Results are only viewable after voting.


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Out of the many proposals submitted, I see only a few have escrow. There are many asks in the 500/month that have no escrow. Giving money upfront to everyone without any protection increases risk and temptation for proposers to disappear without working.

Ryan Taylor also discussed how escrow is important and only way to make sure projects are completed but this is unenforced. I personally favor escrow because the network has been burnt many times in the past by bad actors like Shrem and other who taken the money and not delivered.

What are your views? Should it be made compulsory above a large amount like 1000 Dash? Please answer the poll.

If people start taking escrow, how will super normal profits be made?

You sound like a complete noob to me..
I think the freedom of the proposal system is actually one of its best points and restricting the freedom for proposal owners to ask for funding for whatever they want would be a bad thing. I think proposals should be completely free and anyone can ask for any amount of Dash for anything (provided they will pay the 5Dash fee).

On the other hand I do believe that almost all proposals should have Escrow and the MNOs should pretty much vote No to any multi month proposal that doesn't have Escrow without a good reason.
It is a very interesting topic, because many of those who have a proposal in DASH central do not have the clarity of what is the criteria to do the escrow or not. There are many approved/passed proposals with and without this mechanism, but this has an associated cost (8 dash) that is not cheap. We do not know if we should incluye escrow services just because the amount of funding request, or the trust on proposal's owners, or how valuable is your contribution to the network DASH, or all of the above together.

I think DASH's community is the one that should suggest -at pre-proposal time- if they want to see your project under escrow or not
Hello, i think the escrow works to give confiability to the community and it's a good way to manage budget for monthly events. It Works to promove the budget use been the correectly way and in this sense we have include "Dash Guayana proyect" in Dash central. For me it's positive the use of escrow.

Regards from Guayana.
Escrow has become part of the "best practices" for Masternode Voting, but it's not an *essential* part of every proposal. There are some proposals where it doesn't make sense or isn't relevant. When applicable, it's usually a good idea, but it's not always applicable.