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I'm Looking To Start Creative Commons Dash Art Website: HELP NEEDED

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It's getting the point where I think starting a Creative Commons Dash art website is needed. I was thinking that if we created a community art/graphics library that we could all use for articles, blogs, etc., it would make it easier for people to create blogs, videos, etc. The main thing we'd need to be vigilant about is that whatever graphics are put in there, they have to be free from royalties and copyright. I make photo collages using free images from sites like Pixabay and Unsplash, both of which are free from copyright.

It would be ideal if we could start a website where users just upload their own art/images, agree to the creative commons license, and then we could have an ongoing library of art to use for the Dash community. I searched for something already created like this, but couldn't find anything.

If anyone has any idea what website we could use for this purpose, please comment below. I have only built websites on free sites like Weebly, so I don't know what options are available.

Please contribute your ideas if you have some solutions to make this possible.

we had a couple of webpages come and go
i pretty much keep running my own collections

the more the better
(people generally do not post tbh )

ok, thanks for that.....I worked on one today.....I'm not sure if it works....i may need to keep working on it.

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