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iBeLink DM384M ASIC is real


I know I might get plenty of flak for even purchasing this, but I bit the bullet and decided to put some of my trading profits into an x11 miner once I heard of the DM384M.

I opted to get the miner held at the UPS location so I could pick it up earlier in the day and get started in case there were any hiccups in the setup and install. I asked them to open it for me there so I could make sure there was no physical damage before I took it home.

I also chose to have it delivered faster (UPS 2 day Air) as I figured the increased time for mining would offset the shipping costs. I do not plan on using this to mine only DASH, but any x11 coin.

I am using NiceHash mining service with zpool as a backup. I don't have too many plans on making this a high maintenance miner and will prefer to use it to provide hashing or just a profit switching pool. If anyone else knows of highly used multipools for X11 please do let me know.

Now - onto the miner!

It's a fairly big box. Packaged pretty securely, though mine still had some rubbing marks on the edges. The case itself is undamaged besides the slight rubs there are not dents or dings of any sort.

The miner is packaged with a power cable and, apparently, a large number of shipping envelopes exactly why I'm not sure. Perhaps to give it a little bit more padding?

I unpacked the miner, which is fairly heavy, easily. (tip to anyone who doesn't already know it - turn the box upside down)

I plugged it in, power, ethernet. And came to these forums hoping there would be some guideline to how I could configure the bloody thing.
Luckily there was.

Once it is powered up you can navigate to (config link can't be used I don't have enough posts) and see your miners configuration menu.

I quickly pointed it to NiceHash with my BTC address as the username, turned off the default pools and deleted them and then did the same for zpool.

Currently mining at 366MHash, with a bit of fluctuation above or below 380.

At payout rates right now, it will make approximately 0.15 BTC a day as long as I don't have to switch off of NiceHash which is totally the best paying pool.

Additionally, with it being used as a hashing provider DASH doesn't really need to worry too much as Dash isn't the most profitable x11 algo to mine right now anyhow.

I'll be here to answer any questions for a bit. I'll also be putting pictures up shortly
I unboxed it there to check for damage
Scale picture...I do not have a big car.
All green for go
Up and mining
You should switch it to P2P DASH pool. Your current payout would be 3.93 DASH per day (minus electricity) which would be better than nicehash. Why give some of your profit to them?
I'm all for the best payouts possible, but at current rates 3.93 dash is only about 0.04 BTC which is quite a large amount less than Nicehash at 0.15 BTC/day

I'm also open to being corrected on my calculation, but Nicehash is paying 0.429(round to 0.43) BTC/day/ghash

I have 0.38ghash

0.38*0.43 = 0.164, just reducing it to 0.15 to account for rejects, stales, etc.

Mining Dash alone I would be, as you said, making about 4 Dash a day which is about 0.04 BTC. I would be better off keeping it on Nicehash and buying Dash with all the extra coin I'm making from not mining Dash.
OMG.... so the ROI for that is like a bit more than month correct me if I am wrong...
Would be very interested in being able to buy some of those units.

Is there an official website for those devices outside of dualminer.com? Looking to contact them to order quite a nice amount of miners (30 to 50)
Would be very interested in being able to buy some of those units.

Is there an official website for those devices outside of dualminer.com? Looking to contact them to order quite a nice amount of miners (30 to 50)
This is a thread by one of the buyers, not by the manufacturer/seller.
You'd better ask iBeLink directly here https://dashtalk.org/threads/ibelink-dm384m-asic-dash-miner.8070/ or here https://dashtalk.org/threads/ibelink-dm384m-asic-dash-miner-support-thread.8148/
Just as an update - I want to share the payout history for everyone. Gaps can be - a couple issues getting everything running properly, switching miner location, nicehash front end down temporarily (no change in mining, just recording) The miner had a period of time where it was running about 1/2 it's ability. A flip of the off/on switch seemed to recover this.




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