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I suggest using hybrid Masternode PoS + PoW mining


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For Dash: vs PoW it is better to build a hybrid PoW+PoS because we could do odd numbered blocks via PoW Mining and even numbered blocks via Masternodes (PoS), increasing defences vs 51% attacks (attacker will need to have both 51% POW + 51% stake to attack Dash... )

PoW is still needed to solve certain problems with PoS staking (like 'nothing-at-stake' problem, etc...), I find hybrid mining beneficial.

If we also lower bounty for PoW mining, this will make our world a greener place (since less electricity is gonna be wasted on Dash network defences, while protection itself would improve)

This is relevant for Dash because small altcoins are constantly getting 51% attacked and exchanges are suffering, including Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Litecoin Cash (LCC) and Horizen (ZEN)...)

Attacking Dash is not very expensive, according to this website:

What do you think ?