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I am new in mining ,, can you help me


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Hello everyone ,,, it is very nice website and good information
I am new in mining and before start buy miners I am trying to rent rig from miningrigrentals
But always what I got coins is less than what I already paid for renting reg
the most lowest price for x11 is 0.00021 per MH/day
i can rent high speed rig
but I want to try it for useful and get some profit then i can start real mining
so can anyone help me
give me some idea mining which kind of coin and which pool
If you mine with contract or run your own rigs mine DASH P2P spread the power...

Here is some info from the main site.

i dont own miner yet ,,, i will buy miners ,, but first i rent miners to learn so i want to find some profitable way to mining because i even cant make rent miner cost
miner cost 0.00021 per MH/day this is the lowest
It won't be profitable until more people like us mine, use and sell the assets, plus more adoption time is needed.

so why people renting pool and pay too much for hash rate and miners daily ?

Depending on market fluctuations some cryptos could be profitable, but its usually short term and you'd need to switch to other coin, check out this site for calculators


I would just caution to mine for profit is not easy. Again unless you have access to LOW COST / FREE power.
thank you sir ,,,, what you said is write
the problem in in what I mine today or now
the problem how to find good pool
I joined one pool before then i got nothing ,,, no any block
then also loosing money

what i see now in website is
WBB is 29.50 USD per day per 100 Mhs
for x11

this information how to be useful ??? how to always find correct pool
and directly switch to that pool