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I am looking for opportunities to work remotely contractually or otherwise

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My name is Peter Fillmore and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a single father of beautiful twin 5-year-old girls who are my life and my love. I am seeking "gigs," contractual opportunity or actual employment working primarily from my home. I am a long, LONG time computer nerd although I have no official certifications. I'm proficient in all MS OS's, decent and OS X and Linux enviroments as well, I also have some experience with cPanel and website admin. I have 25 years of retail customer service experience as well as technical skills including graphic design, computer and printer repair, and cellular/ mobile repair. I have been learning everything I can over the past year regarding blockchain, crypto currency and now especially decentralization and Dao.

If you are an online entraprenuer or website owner and could use help of any kind I would like to talk to you. I have excellent communication skills with a nuetral accent and clear pleasant tone. I can patiently engage your customers in a support or sales role. I am also an experienced support representative and can learn propriatary systems quickly.

If you are interested please contact me via any of the provided methods
Looking forward to meeting you!

-Peter FIllmore
+1 (385) 248-7594
[email protected]
or feel free to contact me through this forum
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