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P2Pool Hyper Efficient Pool? Let's Test It Out!


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This DASH P2Pool node incorporates our New Mining Algorithm and is currently more efficient than any other public node. Connect one of your miners as a test and you will notice much higher returns from this node. Please share your results on this thread so other DASH miners can hear about this pool as well!

STEP 1: The first step is downloading CPU miner and compiling it. For sake of simplicity, we advise that you to just download the already compiled binaries here. If you don’t want to use CPU Miner, other programs have similar configurations when running on stratum.

STEP 2: Have Dash’s binaries downloaded, and make sure it is synced and run Dash-QT (Dash Core)

STEP 3: Once you download the binaries, you are ready to run. For Windows, run on bash:

./minerd --url=http://chain-pool:7903--userpass=my.worker:password

The worker’s name is usually the wallet address. Optionally for DASH, it is easier to download CPUMiner multi for Windows and edit the RUN-TimeTravel.bat file to have the following command:

Replace XqHt831rFj5tr4PVjqEcJmh6VKvHP62QiM with your DASH wallet receiving address and you are ready to mine on Dash’s network.

STEP 4: Run the .Bat file to mine DASH or use CPUMiner with the ./minerd command to run on stratum and start mining on your selected network.

-a x11 -o stratum+tcp://chain-pool.com:7903 -u XqHt831rFj5tr4PVjqEcJmh6VKvHP62QiM -p