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How to Setup Masternode Donations?


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I've read that it's possible to have a donation address where the Masternode rewords payments go to instead of to your own Masternode address - Evan mentioned it in a recent article, and I see that some Masternodes have donations setup when I visit dashninja.pl. How do I set that up myself on my own masternode?


Yeah, it's me....
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you need top start the masternode with masternode.conf file where you need to put this line:
alias ip:9999 privkey txid txid_index address_to where_send_coins:xx

masternode01 7aij[aisd[jfiaoweifj8ej8fj[oij[aoisdf[iojoi[jxi[joi[j[coia c1424304008e0b12a1ee51bb917245e0fc28a0bb3f8a74c6fd58ff09b236687b 0 XiMJe8x7fuBCovCCfWVGv8xApiNCVvUX1H:20

this is only the example....

found official link from github: