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How Proposals are Evaluated


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Question Weightings and Evaluator Guidelines

Question Weightings

In order for the Proposal Evaluator to provide a Short List of Proposals the Proposals need to be sorted by how good/bad they are.

How does an Evaluator decide on who is at the top and who is at the bottom of the list? Just count all the checkmarks next to the questions asked and work out a percentage? Some questions/answers must surely have more weight than others?

Hence Question Weightings.

Question Weighting will be adjusted over time through MNO/PEC/community input and experience.
Here is an example list:

Questions Weightings

1. Proposal Presentation Weighting 2
2. Character Weighting 5
3. Responsiveness to the requirements set forth in the Dash Project Proposal Template v1.0.docx Weighting 5
4. Relevant past performance/experience. Weighting 10
5. Samples of work. Weighting 10
6. Technical expertise/experience of bidder and bidder’s staff. Weighting 10
7. Risk vs. Reward. Weighting 15

Evaluator will give points out of each weighting, e.g.

1. Proposal Presentation 2/2
2. Character 4/5
3. Responsiveness 5/5
4. Experience. 3/10
5. Samples of work. 8/10
6. Technical expertise 6/10
7. Risk vs. Reward. 11/15
8. Bonus Points 3

42/57 This Proposal gets a rating of 73.7%

Please provide feedback: What has been left out?
Certain Weightings too much/too little?
What do you think the Weightings should be?

Evaluator Guidelines
How did the Evaluator decide on the points awarded?

PEC Evaluator Guidelines https://goo.gl/Futw1d

PEC (Proposal Evaluation Committee) https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/proposal-evaluation-committee.13952/
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The above seems to be a reasonable way forward.

The more I think of the Proposal and funding systems the more it reminds me of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and there's probably a lot we can learn from there. They have had many failed campaigns and non delivered items (I have has at least 3 campaigns go south with my money) and have worked through that to start some type of pre-vetting process. We do need the same.

And one thing that struck me from the comments you are sometimes receiving is how people fixate on decentralisation, but it appears somehow equate your 'organisation' drive with centralisation. A structured entity needs organisation, even as it remains decentralised...

This is one of the things that is holding me back somewhat from going all-in on DASH - its a great idea that might be scuppered by the participants...
The centralization moans have stopped a couple of months ago, once it was made clear that Core; Dash Force etc are all DAO's and that the PEC will just be another DAO. Same methodology and maybe even more decentralized than the others because of limited terms of service ;)