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How does downtime affect masternode payments


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I had some HW problems with my masternode around the time I was expecting a next payment. The masternode was down for about 24h and then after 2 days it was down again for about 16h. Now I'm back online for over 6 days and It's been over 16 days since my last payment (I didn't receive any payments since my MN was down).

How does downtime affect masternode payments? Will I only get paid after a standard period (~7days) since I got back online and I won't get paid for the period from my last payment until my MN went down?
About over one hour down time, your mn drops out from the payment list.
When you start it again, your mn starts from the bottom, so at this time, first payment is expected after about 7-10 days.
Confirm above.
Why is you masternode dying so often?
In many cases low disk space can cause mn shut down, debug.log can be very large.
My mn:s have 512 Mb memory and 20 Gb hard drive space, no problems,
but i have also automated debug.log clearing script, it runs once a week,
and also auto restart script.
Thanks for the info. The first time, there has been a blackout in my whole area and the second time... well I don't really know... seems to me that someone restarted the VM I'm running on for some reason and I didn't configure dashd to start with the OS. I've fixed that since.