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Help. wallet


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Downloaded the new wallet and I can´t log on to my old one. And when I try to go back to the old one, it dosen´t find my wallet either
Hi there.

Can you provide as much info as possible - for example what machines are the old / new wallets on. What is the exact steps you are following and what are you seeing on the screen (e.g. double click dash wallet, what you are seeing in the wallet etc)

Downloaded the new wallet and I can´t log on to my old one. And when I try to go back to the old one, it dosen´t find my wallet either

please provide more details - what wallet - what system

i believe you are pulling from the wrong (old) directory !
12.0 - directory was dash
12.1 - directory is dashcore
A windows 10 machine 32 gb ram, When I installed the new one I thought it would delete the old one and the program would copy the settings like some other wallets do. But I can´t even find my wallet on my old copy of the wallet, that I been using for a long time. I was using 12.0.58 before and installed 12.1. neither of them finds my wallet. Have not deleted my org. 12.0.58 wallet, so it should be the same, but no. And I have tryed to repair wallet and salvage but no luck on that either. Is my money gone or is it another way to recover the funds?
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Create shortcut to dash-qt.exe, right click, click Properties, choose Shortcut tab, add one space and "-choosedatadir" in Target field.
When you'll run wallet using this shortcut it should ask you to specify data folder, choose the one where you have your wallet.dat
thx for the advice, but no luck whit this either. The program cant find my wallet at all, thats the problem

Can you retrieve the wallet.dat file from the old wallet or a backup? That file contains your private keys, it's stored in C:\Users\<YOUR-WINDOWS-USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Dash
Thanks for the answer, but none of those worked. I ´ve looked at the blockchain, and my money is still there so thats good news. how can I get to them so I can transfer the funds to a diffrent wallet?
That's impossible. Every option in existence has been given to you.

No, not perse. That's only true if you have the corresponding private keys ( those are in your wallet.dat file )

In which directory resides your wallet.dat file?
I´ve pointed the program to the dir. where the program is installed and in AppData\Roaming\Dash and I´ve tryed them both and the default one. I use
1. Your old wallet file ( wallet.dat ) should be in \AppData\Roaming\Dash

2. Your new wallet file (
wallet.dat ) should be in \AppData\Roaming\DashCore

3. Copy both wallet.dat files to a safe place

4. Delete the new
\AppData\Roaming\DashCore wallet.dat file, as this one is empty.

5. Copy the
\AppData\Roaming\Dash wallet.dat file to the \AppData\Roaming\DashCore directory.

These are the default locations of the files, so if you didn't move them or installed stuff manually somewhere else it should be there.

6. Start new dash client, download the blockchain and you should see your coins.

Well, I´ve tryed this too, as every step before this. The wallet still shows zero. The new wallet don´t open at all now. And its a fresh copy.


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You can delete all *.dat files there, they will be re-created when starting again. but DO NOT your WALLET.DAT off course.