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help me with this apparently missing transaction


New member
I am a complete noob with this stuff...but mining on dash p2pool for a few days now and we found several blocks - yet I did not get paid on one of them. I find my address in the list and an amount that should have been transferred. All amounts for the blocks before and after are there...but this one is not. It happened at about 15:10 (20:10 gmt) --no other transactions near that time, and 3 blocks have been paid since as expected. All other amounts match except this one is missing.

Any idea what happened...if my internet goes down is it possible to miss a block coming down the hose? Do I just rescan the chain to find it? Is that wallet repair and if so, which option is it? I already tried 'rescan' and that did not help.

Does this happen very often - should I be worried and scan this output regularly?

Finally if I cant find it is there anyone to go whining to about my missing pennies (.00315762 DASH)?? I have the block reference that was not included in my wallet, can I make my wallet look at just that one to see that I have missing DASH?