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Help - First Time User - Sending DRK Coins


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I wanted to send DRK to an exchange to try out sending for the first time.

I initially tried to send 10.001 DRK thinking it would include the fee. It did not send, but, .0002 was deducted from my wallet.

I unchecked Darksend and checked InstantX and tried again, with 5 DRK.

Everything seemed OK until I had the message:

Are you sure you want to send?

5.00DRK using any available funds(not recommended) to Xvg45xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The "not recommended" threw me, thought there may may be a problem.

I cancelled and now typing this thread.

Am I missing something, is there something else I should be doing before I send DRK coins?

I am a little confused, any help appreciated.
Here is the message


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    DRK InstantX.PNG
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The 'any available funds (not recommended)' thing is just letting you know that your privacy is potentially compromised by sending non anonymised funds. Don't worry about it unless you need to maintain your privacy, in which case anonymise your funds first by clicking the Start Mixing button. :smile: