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Hello Everyone!

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Just saying hi to everyone! looking forward some stimulating conversation on here!
I'm fired up about our developer. That Evan kid is smart, hard working, passionate and creative! He makes this coin exciting to watch!

Note, I shouldn't say kid, he is a young man of talent. I hated being called kid back in the day when I was already in my 30's, it was demeaning and here I do it :confused:
Hey Tante, glad to see a fellow new face around! Are you mining at all?
Yup, my little gpu and cpu are working for me. I was going to quit, but I'm still getting a dark a day, which is quite worth it for me, so no gaming, the mining continues!!! LOL
I have an ATI 5500 and an ATI 5770 I'm also running cpu miners on my phenoms, they're duel core but they have extra cores my motherboard doesn't normally find, but the miners do.

I just plugged in an old Pentium D dual core computer, just finished loading Ubuntu on it, and am going to see if I can't get a cpu miner to work on it lol, I do believe I'm becoming a junky, using everything I can slap together, LOL
Greetings Kind to all. Can I join you? Exchanging experiences. I meber new hope this forum useful for all of us
Not open for further replies.