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HBPay - Dash Point-of-Sales (POS)

Dear All,

I’m releasing a testing version (Testnet implementation) of DASH/HBPay, meant for testing and evaluation purpose. HBPay is a DASH enabled Point-Of-Sale (POS) system based on Android which can be installed into any generic Android Tablets.

HBPay consists of 2 components:

1) [HBPOS] - HBPay - Android based Point-of-Sale (POS).
Allows the customers pick their orders via the tablet interface. Upon checkout, the POS will generate DASH QR Code ready for the customer to conduct payments. The POS will then be immediately notified via Google GCM and show the status of payment upon payment. The app can be downloaded and installed from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.hexabit.hbpay

2) [HBWEB] - HBPay web interface.
Allows Merchant to manage products and view transactions. Register for free at

There will be 3 actors involved:
  1. A merchant (yourself) with the HBPay Android POS [HBPOS]. The merchant also require a DASH wallet in order to receive settlement.
  2. A customer with a DASH wallet in mobile phone. Capable for scanning QR Code to conduct direct payment by scanning QR Code produced by the [HBPOS].
  3. HBPay payment processor (automated system), which receives the payment and later forward the settlement to the Merchant’s wallet after deducting 1% transaction fee.

Things that are required to begin the testing:

Further instructions are available at [HBWEB].

The development of HBPay is part of my attempt to promote the adoption of DASH to my local population. I’m currently in talk with an independent local food-truck bazaar area where I can introduce the HBPay and organize a marketing event. My intention is to get the food-truck owners to use HBPay and accept DASH as payment. However, this will required some incentives to the business owners and also the customers. I will cover the whole idea in the upcoming Pre-Proposal forum posting.


[HBPOS] main interface

[HBPOS] Payment received

[HBWEB] Manage products

Telegram notifications

Feel free to do the testing. This is still in an intensive development phase, so expect some glitches and inconsistencies. I willing to answer any questions through this thread.

Thank you.

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We are currently testing the mainnet environment in preparation for our dash budget proposal. There might be some interruption expected during this week's period as the developers are doing their activities. Kindly notify me by replying to this thread the moment when you are ready to test, so that I can free up the system for your testing. Thank you
Hi @Jamalulkhair Khairedin I was testing HBPAY and it look so good but I have a issue with the android app, after I add a product on web interface. After I check in the app to see thw new product but it doesnt refresh new products. and I dont see a button to refresh the new product.