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Hashchain Technology (Dash Mining)


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The Future Of HashChain

Hashchain’s main focus will be to build out its Dash mining capacity through its highly efficient data centres, with a goal of 40MW by 2019. Additionally, HashChain will pursue a number of strategic initiatives:

  • Using cash on hand and mining proceeds, the Company intends to aggressively expand its Dash mining capacity and acquire additional rigs, growing to 40MW or approximately 26,500 cryptocurrency mining rigs by end of first quarter 2019
  • Develop an exclusive storefront for users to buy their Dash directly from HashChain
  • Develop software to optimize mining activity (maximizing yield related to quantity, and value of the currency mined)
  • Develop its own mining pool to provide cost savings and brand recognition
  • Form strategic alliances that will lead to further improvements in efficiency, profitability and awareness