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HardFork Series Update!

It’s been a very exciting few weeks for the HardFork team!

With Eric in New York City for the last two weeks we’ve spent some amazingly productive creative time working on the series. The development is coming along beautifully as we enrich the project in manifold directions.


Doug, Eric, and Chris during an intense day of writing in NYC.

HardFork Entertainment, Inc. is officially a corporation now, with a working corporate bank account, so we can begin to finance and actively manage growth of the HardFork Universe with the DASH sponsorship funds.

In the last week we’ve had a pair of fantastic sessions with our team’s Distributed Ledger Technology expert, Matt Neimerg, covering all of the science and mathematics that underpin the story elements and DASH tech we’re infusing into the series. Matt has been very gracious and patient to take the time to explain (and sometimes explain again more slowly and in simpler terms) the intricacies of how the tech works so we can portray it as accurately as possible in the series. These sessions have been amazingly educational, fruitful, and fun.

All the while Naomi Brockwell has been traveling conferences around the world from Australia, The Cayman Islands, New York, Acapulco, and at upcoming d10e conference in Silicon Valley raising awareness about the HardFork Series project.

We also had a celebratory dinner at the lowest point of last week’s crypto market dip with Eric, Chris, Doug and their lovely wives. Luckily, the market started to recover by the time our hangovers eased up the next day.



Eric, Doug, Chris and their wives taking a break to celebrate recent successes.

Lastly, we spoke with HardFork advisor, Matt McKibbin, yesterday about some exciting crypto-conference speaking engagement opportunities for the HardFork team in March and April. More news to come!

We thank you, DASH community, for your continued support and will continue to provide regular updates on our progress!

Yours in the Chain,

The HardFork Team
Great to see the project getting up to speed! Looking forward to more updates.

If Naomi is producing any video on here conference travels, please post them here.