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Guide: get DASH on Binance


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Hello guys,

since October 20th Binance launched an option to trade DASH. Binance is super fast growing exchange with solid list of cryptocurrencies accepted. However, Binance doesn't accept any fiat currencies and deposit methods like bank wire, credit card, cash, etc. But they offer some very nice features and advances such as:
  • Stop-Limit functionality,
  • Basic and Advanced trading platform,
  • Binance Launchpad,
  • Binance doesn't require any verification for amounts which do not exceed withdrawals of 2 Bitcoins per day so it's private enough,
  • Trading fees are very low, some pairs even have 0% fees.
If someone didn't register on Binance yet, here is a short guide on how to do that easily.

1. Go to https://www.binance.com/?ref=12005266 (it's referral link, I would be very thankful if you used it for a registration, otherwise here is the "clean" link: https://www.binance.com/ ).

2. Find Register in the upper right corner. You've to enter an email and a password only. Activate an account by confirming it with the link from an email.

3. After successful registration go to the exchange and open Deposit Withdrawals page (screenshot #1).

4. Select a deposit method. I would recommend using Bitcoin or Ethereum as there are only these trading pairs active: BTC/DASH and ETH/DASH. If you deposit via Litecoin, IOTA, or any other cryptocurrency you will have to make a trade from that cryptocurrency to BTC or ETH in the first place.
Click deposit (screenshot #2).

5. Make a transaction to provided address and wait while it's confirmed.

6. After you've got the money, it's time to get some DASH! I've selected Basic this time as it's simpler for the first time users (screenshot #3).

7. Select cryptocurrency from which you're going to make a trade. And enter DASH or find it in the full list of cryptocurrencies available (screenshot #4).

8. Choose it and enter an amount of DASH you want to purchase/trade. You'll see a total amount needed. Just click "Buy DASH". That's it! You should see coins in your wallet/account as soon as a trade is completed (screenshot #5).

Some additional advices:
  • Turn on 2-Factor-Authentication for additional layer of security
  • Check other functions as Stop-Limit or Advanced trading platform
  • Try mobile and computer applications (for Android and Windows only, iOS - beta version)
Feel free to ask any questions!
P.S. I am not working in this exchange or related by any connections with Binance. I am making this only to help DASH community!

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I love the stop limit actions on Binance, allows me to trade easily and with very little fear of losing a ton of coin.