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Grave concerns over dash usernames


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I realize info is limited but I have grave concerns about the proposed dash evolution usernames. Here's what we know so far:
  • usernames will be twitter-like
  • not free
  • possibly issued on a first-come-first-serve basis
The structure and use of these twitter-like usernames really concerns me. If they are single element names e.g. "@McDonalds" then name-squatting and legal ownership will quickly become an issue. In such circumstance, I fail to see how yet-another-naming-system has solved any real life problems. How would it be any better than, say, domain names?

If dash wants to issue usernames, they should provide function beyond the dash ecosystem. Let's say, for example, that each username links to a payment code, which in turn links to hierarchical wallet addresses. In this fashion, dash usernames could also be used for bitcoin and monero users, thus drawing them into the dash ecosystem.

Indeed, why didn't dash just ride on top of an existing naming system such as ENS (Ethereum Name System)? Did pride come before usefulness or does dash truly have a better system? But from what I gather, dash usernames will be competing with all other coin usernames, thus the marketplace for usernames will be priced on coin market cap i.e. Ethereum usernames will be more sought after than dash usernames. How is that helpful or innovative?

How will pricing work? Will the price need adjusting as the fiat value goes up? If I sell my dash username, can the new owner see my spending history?

It might be better to adopt a two tier username, similar to a domain name, except the top-level part goes first e.g. org.dash or auto.tesla. This way the top level could be priced significantly higher and allow the masternodes to vote who should administer said namespace. A reverse treasury; someone submits a proposal to pay X dash to manage the "org" TLD and the masternodes vote.

In crypto, there are no maximalists, or perhaps they represent 0.001% of the population. As a dash user, why should I register "@DonaldTrump", knowing someone will take the same username on a competing coin? As a user, I don't want chain specific usernames. I want a single username I can use across multiple coins.

And what happens to usernames when the dash chain is eventually forked?