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Glenn Austin Moving On


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Hello Dash community. I’m writing today to notify everyone that Glenn Austin, Dash Core Group CFO, is leaving DCG in order to pursue a new opportunity with another blockchain company. His last day is September 23, 2022. The rest of the management team has been working hard to take over his duties in the short-term, and we’ll of course look to rehire someone in his role (or a similar one) ASAP. Our goal is to make sure there are zero disruptions following his departure.

I invite the community to join me and the rest of DCG in wishing Glenn well in his new endeavor. He has been serving DCG and the Dash community for over 4 years in the CFO role. But beyond his “official” duties, he has provided tremendous leadership in many areas, from legal/compliance challenges to operational enhancements, and beyond. From my own perspective in the CEO role, he has been a particularly calm, cool and collected teammate to me and the rest of the management team during the various transitions we’ve experienced in 2022. Glenn, you will be missed!

As always, I’m happy to answer any and all questions or comments anyone may have.

I was afraid this would happen after Ryan left.

Respect to Glenn for waiting for a new CEO to get up and running to provide a smooth transition before moving on.

Glenn was one of those guys who probably did a lot behind the scenes without anyone knowing. His experience and hard work will be missed.
This is sad news indeed. Thanks for all the work you did Glenn on getting DCGs budget on track and preparing them for this bear market. Through your efforts DCG is in a far better place than it was in the 2018 bear market, I wish you well in your new role.


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This news rocks me to my core. It is very dark times for Dash. I always felt that as long as we had someone taking care of the Financials, Dash was on solid ground. I hope we can fill his shoes ASAP. It should be a priority.

But I do wish him well.
Dash Community,

Thank you for the warm send-off and all of the kind words. I've enjoyed my role with Dash Core Group over the past 4.5 years.

I'm grateful for the camaraderie of the teams laser focused on building the products of the future.

Finally, I look forward to continuing the lifelong friendships I have made with many wonderful people I met through Dash.

my 30,000 ft view is with hope that humans can plug in/plug out of DCG and that DASH is resilient enough to withstand these costs...a tall order...however, with professionalism (as demonstrated by Glenn Austin) it is not impossible.