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GetFreeDash campaign must be stopped ASAP

It looks like the order of the Dash address is the same order as age of account, with the oldest account at the top of the list. The query that derived the data did not have an order by clause.
Distinct Dash Addresses are shown, so it is possible that two or more accounts share one Dash Address, although very rare because a Dash Address can receive a payout once per day. Thus, few people will want to share a Dash Addresses.
If a person has activity other than Dash.red transactions, you will be able to see that in their history. In most cases, Dash.red transactions are under 100,000 duffs.
In that case you should inform the community whenever a member changes his address, because this may hide a potential fraud.

Changing a Dash address is not fraud to me. Anyway, that information is also available on the transactions table. The entire history is there.

There are two kinds of fraud:
  • A Dash.red member violates the terms of service, usually by creating a second account for himself so he can get an extra 38,000 duffs per day
  • The owner of a proposal walks away with the funds without providing the service promised
Which one do you think is worse?
that are supposed to play games, and he gets money for himself
Would I create fake accounts to steal 38,000 duffs per day from money that I already control? It would clearly make more sense to just take the funds.

Revealing a Hash value does not prove that the hash is derived from valid data. It is just a hash with no way to know from where it came. If you don't have a copy of the valid data that derives it, it could be anything. A hash has no value as far as I can tell.

It would be more effective to reveal the URLs of all the videos. I can do that to a trusted Dash partner like DashWatch without compromising people's privacy. The videos are publicly accessible URLs.
Is it me or is this thread getting derailed by off topic comments ?
As a reminder : this topic is about the GetFreeDash campaign, its not about Dash.red or Dashwatch

Let try to avoid unnessary bumps with off topic comments or risk having this thread closed due to off topic comments taking over (which i'm not sure the OP will want)

Edit : would be nice if we could label posts as "off topic" on this forum
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The IP addresses of the Masternodes who voted NO for Getfreedash (data retrieved from mnowatch)

You seem butthurt, I have something for you