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Get Help For Your Masternode with the Crypto Dragons


Hello community. I am spreading awareness around the Crypto Dragon's services launched a few weeks back.

Check out the full service here: http://www.setupmasternodes.com

The site links you to a destination url on coin market business because they did a partnership for the first 25 customers to service at a low rate of $50 per masternode.



Check us out at http://www.setupmasternodes.com

Join telegram: http://t.me/setupmasternodes.com
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Hi maybe you had not realized Dash was the creator of the masternodes technology. And most people here can get free help with masternodes in the dash chat.

Your service sounds like for $50 you will setup a masternode, however you state Please do your own due diligence before proceeding with our services.

So does your service setup a MN for $50? or are you offering 1 hour of help to setup MN?

Where is your business registered? and how is the 30 day money back guarantee working? If you can't setup a node you refund the payment in what conditions?