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G2A - Global Digital Gaming Marketplace


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Hi Dash Community!

I am a gamer. I also don't like paying more than I have to for my games.
So, I often use g2a.com. I have found it to provide a very good service at competitive prices.

I also like Dash (see badge). The issue is that G2A doesn't accept Dash! I have sent a message to G2A outlining the benefits of Dash over Bitcoin (which they already accept) and informing them about the free advertising on dash.org and discoverdash.com.

Now, the reason I have made this post. To add weight to my recommendation that G2A start accepting Dash I would like to ask the Dash/Gaming community to contact G2A (https://www.g2a.co/contact) asking them to accept Dash.

The merchant will benefit and so will future customers!

Thanks for reading.