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For your safety

I forgot to say...

While chaos is right about ALWAYS using 2fa, i believe this is particularly important for cryptsy. I think that their usernames/passwords were leaked somewhere recently. because i got notified through email about 10 unsuccessful login attempts on my account within a couple minutes. I asked them to freeze my account.
i couldn't have said it better myself.

5 dark should be hitting your wallet any minute now.

Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 6 nodesDate: 8/24/2014 22:35To: To the chaositec rehabilitation fund XjvRi5Qjkx8JckKfMpefKQUgJpHTFwcGAHDebit: -5.00 DRKNet amount: -5.00

Thanks! :)

no problem bro. having a darkcoin dev with no darkcoin is just plain unacceptable.

edit: yep, cryptsy just sent me an email confirming what i thought. They asked me what other sites i use the same username on, which implies they've been breached somehow and are trying to figure out what the hell happened.
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Sorry for you loss..

I never store any coins on an exchange. I store everything in my own encrypted wallet and just deposit/withdraw instantly when I want to trade on an exchange.