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Finite By Design - Physical coins


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I've looked for, but I couldn't find Finite By Design in our merchant listing.

They are great! I've bought their commemorative DRK coins "The DRK Age", and paid with DASH (not through a payment processor, but directly to the wallet of the seller - and that's a very good point).

Today I have received the coins! I'm so happy. They are beautiful!

(Though I am not a very good photographer, sorry)

I've kept them in a very special place with my antique (fiat) coins collection (a childhood hobby that lasts to this day)

Great merchant. I vouch for them.
Hello DASH community!

Raganius is showing a sample of my 'DRK AGE' Darkcoin/DASH tribute proofs. To answer sangoku's question - these are made of a copper/brass alloy that is plated with silver and then given an antique finish. There were only 100 made and are sold in 10 packs for $125 each (10 proofs). I do have a handfull of 10 packs left available at my webstore as well as a couple that come in a variety pack option for those not interested in purchasing a 10 pack. Once these are sold out, I will not be making anymore.

DASH is a payment option via my webstore as well as we are set up with Coinpayments.net.

Here is another picture of the product. Let me know if there are any questions...

1.5" Antique Silver 'The DRK Age - Darkcoin' Proofs:
Limited Edition of 100 proofs to commemorate the 'DRK Age' of the fist anonymous crypto now known as DASH.

1-50 Sold
Only 5 (10 packs) left