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Exploring Dash Proposal Rev Share Loans


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I have been reading into the discussions around providing equity for proposals to increase the ROI for Dash. While this may not work for all proposals it may work for some. As far as I know Nate from Dashop.io was discussing offering equity with the Core team so I asked if there was any problem and it looks like the Dash trust is not setup to hold investments and a solution wouldn't come until later this year.

In the meantime has anyone explored the idea of Revenue Based Loans? It's perfectly legal, and could easily be adapted to any proposal.

I will be using my proposal as an example, I would be interested in offering this + the advertising terms listed on my proposal.

Loan Amount
Proposal Amount

Repayment Terms
25% of profit generated by the service will be paid to the Dash treasury until a total of 1.5x - 2x the proposal amount is paid back.

What Happens If I Default
In other words if the site fails, dies, or closes down before I can repay the "loan" in it's entirety I will be forced to open source the code for the service as a part of this agreement.

I have read the different views of multiple users regarding the individuals who should receive the repayment ( MN's vs Treasury ) I listed the treasury because it would make the most sense. The only part of this I am wondering about is the "how". Is there a public wallet assigned to the treasury funds? If so that is how the repayment could be tracked, the wallet assigned to receive the funds from the proposal could be the exact same wallet that is tied to the repayment terms to make all of this possible.

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The message shared by Nate mentions the Dash trust is not setup to accept equity but says nothing about being unable to receive funds. That may be an option, could also be sent to Dash core, or just splitting among the masternodes for now until the trust or something else is setup to handle things like this.

#1) "almost" is the keyword it is not a requirement if the business has/shows potential which I believe is a criteria we easily fill.
#2) This could set the stage/create a framework for Dash to receive a financial ROI on future proposals that are similar.
#3) I talked to other masternode owners about your idea to pay masternodes directly using equity/revenue. The majority didn't like the idea of masternodes receiving a return for something they are not paying for, "the treasury funds/ROI should benefit the community as a whole not line the pocket of masternode owners" was the common response. Dash Treasury cannot accept equity/revenue as of yet. Currently waiting on an response from Robert, he wont be around for a week or so I believe ( received an auto response message )

I also need to briefly touch on your use of the word "clone" that implies it would be a direct copy with just a rebrand and that is not the case. We already exceed the features CMC offers with the prototype I have been building/upgrading on https://www.metavs.net/dash
1) your view is bias even a local street food vendor would say there business would be vehemently successful, and shows potential.
2) if dash treasury has no way to get ROI then simply only one option exists
3) when I informed you about equity/dividend it was a quote from Ryan Taylor CEO of dash core. ( It was discussed on a telephone call )

As MN network would simply own the equity and the dividends paid out by converting fiat to dash and sending to all MNO.
#1) That's a pretty weak comparison, in that analogy the entire cryptocurrency industry/market would be the street traffic, but sure let's continue, if this project didn't have potential you, and other community members/masternode owners wouldn't have been interested in it from the beginning. I have been talking to various MN's through this forum and discord they are shocked by the vote spread because of the potential of the project, I know I am not alone in thinking it has a lot of potential.
#2) MN's I have talked to see you as trying to receive a return on treasury funds that don't belong to you. I sent a new idea to Robert, just waiting on his response.
#3) I then showed you a screenshot of the email from Nate ( email was from Robert, Nate forwarded the screenshot ) saying the Treasury is not setup to take.. I doubt Nate/Robert would have a problem sharing the screenshot

For your last point refer to #2
1) i think i drove the point home
2) i cannot benefit from it alone if you do as I had kentioned which is pay all the MNO regardless of there voter participation as is what was referred to me this idea itself was from a convo with ryan.
3) your claims of self benefit couldnt be further from the truth whatever monetary benefit their would be it would be split amongst 4700+ voters

Lets do some simple math 100 * 4700 = 470k

Even if dash networks "equity" translated into its cut being 1 million per month each MNO would roughly get 200$ extra after exchanging it to dash from fiat likely to be 150~ worth of dash

Are you making an intellectual allegation here? You might want to reconsider why someone would risk their reputation for a simple 200$ when there investment currently is at a minimum of 600k usd. Thats just on a single node

Please check your logic before making baseless allegations.
Not making any allegation you just don't seem to understand what I have been telling you over Discord, the proposal, and here.

1) I followed every idea you shared over Discord including the idea to "offer equity/rev share to Dash trust" after exploring this further we now know the Dash Trust can't accept a return.
2) You then told me to offer it to MN's I spend a couple days DM'ing MN's on here, and reaching out to a few over Discord and the general sentiment was "No... don't do that ( send to MN's ) when the funds come from the Treasury, discuss things further with Dash Core/Trust" I am currently waiting on a response from Robert so that is pretty much up in the air.

I have shared all of this with you numerous times, you say one thing here, another within the proposal, and then act like a completely different person on Discord. Leading me to believe your primary goal is to benefit from this in some way or tank the proposal for some reason.
@ICJR your one funny guy!

You come here asking for funds... And then you make baseless allegations against the very people bestowed with the power to vote?

In any event i havent communicated with you on discord for many days.. only here and DC

And in any event if you completely comprehended what ive been telling you..

Youd simply understand and open your eyes and see no one MNO can benefit from this its ALL OR NOTHING.

#1) I am not making allegations against all "MN's", my criticism of your motives comes from our interaction through the proposal comments, here, and Discord. For further proof all anyone would have to do is read your comments not only in the proposal I created but nearly every other proposal on DashCentral.
Used quotes since I haven't seen an MN tag next to your username on here or DashCentral but I know it's not required

#2) My suspicion of you benefiting from this ( tanking the proposal, etc. ) in some way has nothing to do with how the MN's would be paid out. I left the decision up to the MN's I was able to get a hold of and the majority told me to work directly with the Treasury, and again I am just waiting on a response Robert is out of the office for a few days.

#3) Another question that has been on my mind. You reached out during the pre-proposal period and before the proposal was published to purchase equity. Throughout our conversation this was your level of enthusiasm regarding this project http://prntscr.com/ieenx5 we never came to an agreement but you were already interested in sharing your thoughts about the service including where it should be located since it is "easy to IPO from canada", where it should be hosted, etc.

Since then the proposal was created on DashCentral and your attitude toward the project changed entirely. Why? Before the proposal you were trying negotiate some sort of deal for 10% of the project, and now that the proposal was created the project shows no promise or would not provide any ROI for Dash?

The irony here is I have been DM'ing a lot of MN's and haven't had any problems with anyone aside from you. I want to make sure I am clear, all of the responses haven't been positive, when I receive each criticism I try to course correct to resolve the issue. In this case the more we communicate the more I question your motives here.
Like i said, i wanted data for historical data mining

It was a thought i had when researching then you came along told me its all public in which case no need for anything.
Some of it is available not all of it, but depending on what you are looking to do the API's should be more than enough, and like I told you on Discord if you were trying to tank the proposal because I didn't accept your deal you could have instead just asked me for the historical data, I would have setup a script to dump the data to github every day or so.

Regardless now that this is all available within the forum the community can decide and come to their own judgement on this entire situation and the value of the proposal.