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EVOLUTION SUGGESTION: Twin wallet account for transaction fees


New member
Hi, I would like to suggest the developers a feature for the new Evolution which can make the difference between any other criptocurrency.

Abstract: Do you remember some years ago, the standard banking charged everyone fees for wire transfers. If you wanted to pay 50 € you endup paying 50.50 €, etc. etc. When you tried to "read" your bank statement, no charged was the same tan the invoice. Hard to reconcil!

Problem: In any criptocurrency, happens this bad behaviour. You want to pay 0.5 dash and in your statement will show 0.5002 dash.. so on.

SOLUTION: Any dash wallet can be configured with a twin "fees account" that you can fund besides the normal wallet. So, when a new user comes to use Dash, the Evolution software will ask "Do you want to setup a twin account for paying transaction fees and fund it? (Recommended yes)".

So, you put 0.5 Dash in this special fee account and all your transaction fees will be deducted from there, and your wallet's main statement will be clear and close to real payments!